10 weeks full of gratitude

"It is not the happy who are grateful. It is the grateful who are happy."

- Francis Bacon

Dear Reader,

As you know, the first syllable of Gradido, "Gra", stands for Gratitude. Every time you send Gradidos to other people, you conjure gratitude in their lives as well as in your own. Gratitude is a wonderful feeling. By invoking it, nurturing it, and enjoying it daily, we strengthen our well-being and our creative power. And gratitude is a powerful manifestation tool: what we are grateful for from the bottom of our hearts, we attract into our lives.

But how can we succeed in feeling and radiating gratitude in these crazy times, when wanton forces of destruction threaten to destroy everything good and beautiful? Gratitude is now more important than ever, so that together we can turn our beautiful earth back into the paradise it was once presumably intended to be.


As an artist, therapist and coach knows Carola Firgau very much about the power of gratitude. With the title 'Paths to Gratitude' she has designed a wonderful workbook that will serve us together as a basis for the coming '10 weeks full of gratitude'. A thousand thanks, dear Carola!

Twice a week we will email you a 'happiness girl' who will inspire you to exercise your 'gratitude muscle'. If you integrate each of these gratitude impulses into your life, your life will change significantly for the better over the course of the 10 weeks.

This is how it works

Every Tuesday and Friday a lucky girl brings you a gratitude impulse and invites you to follow this impulse for the next 3-4 days. We start now in the autumn days, accompany you through Advent and Christmas - in which gratitude is a big topic anyway - then through the Raunächte until January 6. So you can start full of gratitude and manifestation power into the year 2023.

Do you know that you are a creator being? You shape a large part of your life yourself. With gratitude you succeed particularly well and easily.

The effect of gratitude is enormous. Over time, you will become calmer, calmer and happier inside. And also the outer world around you will change for the better, because you attract what you are grateful for. So you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Try it out:

Find something for which you are grateful. Feel inside yourself. How does it feel to be grateful? Good? Are you smiling right now?

Then be there with your gratitude for the next ten weeks! The lucky girls will support you. Who wants to be an ungrateful miser and maltreat his fellow men? Together we will create 'waves of gratitude' and make the world a better place - for our own sake, for the sake of our children and for the sake of all children on earth!

We wish you a wonderfully grateful time.


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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