Design 'Thank You Checks' Yourself

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You want to send Gradidos to other people, but you're not online right now - because you don't both have your smartphone with you, because the reception is bad, because the other person doesn't know Gradido yet, because you want to give him something to touch or for whatever reason.

What if you could just give her or him a 'thank you' check with a QR code? He or she can redeem it now or later, and the Gradidos will automatically be transferred to his or her Gradido account. If he doesn't have one yet, he can use this opportunity to register with a few clicks.

Would you love it if you could make your own thank you checks just the way you like them in just a few minutes? Would that be cool?

The video above shows you how.

With the self-designed thank-you checks, we have another piece of the puzzle for the grandchild-friendly future.

Have fun designing your thank you checks and best regards


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer