Great Cooperation: Development of potential and happiness in life for all

Guest: Wendelin Niederberger

Today we have Wendelin Niederberger as our guest again, the director of the Visionary Success Academy and author of the book "Find your Ikigai - What it is worth living for". His expertise in the diverse areas of potential development - supported by the eastern sciences based on cycle models - are an enormous enrichment for our business bionics research.

In this episode we talk about the gift of finding your life's purpose and really being allowed to live it. People who live their life's work are not only happier, but also healthier. They do great things and make our beautiful earth a better place.

If we succeed - with the Unconditional Participation according to the Gradido Model - in supporting as many people as possible in their potential development, we will solve the great problems of our time together. In this way, we can create paradise on earth together as a human family.


Visionary Success Academy

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