Great Cooperation: Gateway to the New World

Guest: Amelie Mehru and Florian Böck

In wild nature we experience our own wildness again. We remember that we ourselves are part of the living co-world. There are many great ways for us to reconnect with nature, such as wilderness education, permaculture and yodelling!

Amelie Mehru and Florian Böck are musicians on the move and accompany people into a very special kind of potential development. In their yodeling hikes and online workshops, they make music with the participants and help them to rediscover their lives. Together they visit places of power and yodel from the heart. Miraculously, people dare to raise their voices again.

The events of the last two years also left their mark on Amelie and Flo. They tried to get to the bottom of the madness and find solutions. In the process, they came across permaculture and Gradido, the Natural Economy of Life. During a permaculture seminar in September 2021 at Blumenthal Castle, they were able to inspire the world-renowned permaculture designer Warren Brush to spontaneously invite us to a Gradido presentation on Zoom. The presentation was a complete success.

With the closing song of today's episode, Amelie and Flo encourage us all to lead by shining example, "We are the light in times of change. We are the gateway to the new world."


Transcript (automatically translated)