Great Cooperation: self-sufficient paradise for the human family

Guest: Klemens Jakob

Living self-sufficiently and comfortably without having to do without anything, in your own house on eighteen square meters and in harmony with nature - that sounds like the dream of a little paradise.

But in times when the system is trying to make us more and more mercilessly the same and wants to ban single-family homes, do we still have a chance to create such individual residential oases? And anyway: shouldn't all people worldwide have a right to their own personal little paradise?

Klemens Jakob used studies to find out how many resources are available on earth for each person. Following these guidelines, he built his 'Ownhome' from natural materials. With a self-sufficient power supply and his own water cycle, he lives independently without sacrificing modern comforts. In the meantime, he receives 50 - 100 interested visitors every month and shows them how they too can build such a cute self-sufficient home.

The Ownhome is much more than just a Tiny House. It is a philosophy of life. We remember again that we are creators and design our lives so that there is enough for everyone. Free from the usual consumer ballast, we are left with plenty of time and resources for everything that is important to us.

By developing our sensuality and meaningfulness again, we become creative and shape a world full of individual creative solutions - a paradise for ourselves, our children and all children of the earth.


Transcript (automatically translated)

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