Great Cooperation: golden times for people of character

Guest: Patrick Stoll

Each of us has our own special gifts that give us our individual character. With our uniqueness, this 'best version of ourselves', we want to be perceived by others.

But the dream of an empathic world full of mutual appreciation is opposed by the old system based on competition and struggle for existence, which robs many people of their vitality and joy of life. Will we as a human family succeed in breaking out of this collective hamster wheel? Do we owe it to ourselves and to future generations?

Our guest today is photographer, journalist and filmmaker Patrick Stoll. He studied journalism and English and worked as a UN military observer in Eritrea and Ethiopia. After successfully completing his MBA, i.e. Master of Business Administration, he worked for two years in private banking. The nature-loving Swiss soon realized that this was not for him. He went on a world trip and took part in expeditions in South America, Alaska and Africa. Today, as an expert in 'personal branding', he accompanies people and companies photographically and cinematically. He shares his rich fund of experiences with the community in his podcast "Charaktermenschen".

The Corona crisis also forced Patrick Stoll to make drastic changes and rethink. He became aware of Gradido through a newsletter. For someone who loves people and knows the laws of nature, the Natural Economy of Life sounds completely logical. In a system like Gradido, each person is encouraged to develop their individual potential and bring out the best version of themselves, because through Active Basic Income, we are both protected and encouraged at the same time.

In this episode, listen to the benefits Gradido offers to self-employed and small business owners whose livelihoods are increasingly threatened by increasing globalization. Together we have the chance to create golden times for all.


Transcript (automatically translated)

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