Favorite city 13 - On the road with friends: The honorary driving service 'Favorite city coachman'.

"What international driving services do, we do better - regionally, voluntarily and with joy!"

Dear Reader,

in the idyllic town of favorite city, citizens have a common goal: a green city with little traffic. They dream of urban gardens and spacious green areas instead of parking lots. But there's a problem...

Public transportation rarely runs and by no means covers all areas of the city. Suburbs and surrounding villages are particularly poorly served. Many citizens cannot afford their own car or do not want to own one for environmental reasons. In addition, there are deliberately few parking spaces in the city center.

But how are people supposed to get to the city? A new challenge for Mayor Michael Miteinand and his dedicated team! 

Volunteer driving service

Inspired by their great successes with the other Gradido projects, they quickly find the solution:

Together with the citizens they develop the volunteer driving service 'Favorite city coachman': Volunteers provide their cars and drive people around the city and surrounding villages. They drive elderly people to the doctor, pick up children from school and bring working people safely to work. They organize shopping services and much more. Everything is coordinated by volunteers in the citizens' office. At the moment, it's still done by phone and chat, but in the future there will be a 'Coachman app' give

The routes are designed so that as many passengers as possible are transported together. In this way, people come into contact with each other and the driving service becomes a symbol of community and environmental awareness. 

Gradido' remuneration system

A special feature of all Lieblingsstädter volunteer projects is the integration of the Gradido remuneration system. The rides are not paid in euros, but remunerated with Gradidos. That is, not quite: for fuel and maintenance of his vehicle, the coachman gladly accepts donations in euros. Each passenger gives what he can and wants - some more, others less. As a result, the coachmen not only cover their costs, but also have something left over at the end of the month. 

For the Gradidos, they receive all kinds of perks - from generous Gradido discounts in stores to neighborhood assistance to delicious food and drink at the GradidoCafé and cooperating restaurants.

So many advantages - a complete success!

People in favorite city help each other and at the same time reduce traffic in the city. The streets become quieter and the air cleaner. Green spaces are preserved or created by saving parking spaces.

The "Favorite City Coachman" driving service becomes a success and inspires other cities to launch similar projects. Mayor Michael Miteinand and his team are proud of their city, its citizens and Gradido's ingenious concept that helped them realize the dream of a green city.

The 'Great cooperation' is expanding to more and more areas. In the 13th episode of the popular series "Gradido in favorite city" favorite city is developing its volunteer version of the mobility revolution. As always, cooperation is many times better than competition. Volunteering - the pillar of our society - is largely based on cooperation. With the help of the volunteer compensation system 'Gradido', volunteer work is remunerated with 20 Gradido per hour.

For the Gradidos, there are a variety of benefits and discounts that can be redeemed at local businesses. In addition, there is a lively exchange among the citizens. This reduces costs for all involved, and great projects become feasible. A win-win-win situation for everyone!

Feel free to forward this series to your city council, clubs and business owners!

If we do nothing now, the Downward spiral away. We are becoming more and more dependent on foreign companies, and our domestic economy is going bust.

With Gradido and the Great Cooperation we generate Upward spirals to positively shape the future in a sustainable way. Together, we are transforming our cities and towns into vibrant thriving oases - our favorite places!

Love greetings


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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