Awareness scale (1): Gratitude high up

"The earth is said to have been a paradise once. Everything is possible.
Earth could become a paradise again. Anything is possible."
- Erich Kästner

Dear Reader,

Hell or Paradise? Transhumanist matrix or prosperity and peace in harmony with nature? In which world do you want to live? Do you also wish to be a heroine or hero of peaceful transformation with the most effective tools to co-create a future fit for grandchildren for the human family?

The doomed system is once again pulling out all the stops in its desperate death throes to drain our energy and drag as many people as possible into the abyss with it. Are we strong enough to accomplish the peaceful change together, for our own sake and for the sake of the children of the earth?

Already in the last century, the American physician, psychiatrist and mystic David Hawkins developed his now world-famous scale of consciousness. Hawkins worked as a psychiatrist and ran a large psychiatric practice in New York State. After leaving clinical practice in 1980, he retired and for seven years was primarily concerned with spirituality and consciousness. His main concern was the promotion of human spirituality. He declared spiritual growth to be the most thorough and profound means of alleviating suffering in this world. According to his ideas, people live on different levels of consciousness and perceive reality and truth in relation to these levels. (Source: Wikipedia)

Scale of consciousness according to David Hawkins

The scale encompasses all human states of consciousness and sorts them into values from 0 (death) to 1000 (highest degree of enlightenment), with the quality of life and degrees of freedom experienced increasing upward.

Level 1000 - Highest level of consciousness that can be reached earthly

  • Level 700 to 1000 - Enlightenment, pure consciousness, indescribable
  • Level 600 - Peace, Bliss, Transillumination
    (only very few)

Around level 600 - threshold to silence and peace

Dissolution of the personal ego / karma - non-linearity
Beginning to take responsibility for the collective ego/karma

  • Level 540 - Joyunconditional love - non-duality
  • Level 500 - Dear, devotion, beauty, Gratitude, Revelation
    (4-5 %)

Around level 500 - Threshold of love

Non-linearity - Awareness - Both-as-also thought model

  • Level 400 - Reason, Understanding, abstraction, science
  • Level 350 - Acceptance, enthusiasm, productivity, forgiveness, worldly success
  • Level 310 - Willingness, Optimism, Intention
  • Level 250 - Neutrality, Confidence, Letting go
  • Level 200 - Courage, moral courage, affirmation, sincerity
    (approx. 20 %)
    ^From here constructive, giving energy^.

Around level 200 - integrity threshold

Homo Sapiens vs. Homo spiritus
Self-regulating individuation - personal responsibility
Linearity - Perception - Either-or Thought Model

Destructive, energy-sapping:

  • Level 175 - Pride, contempt, bravado
  • Level 150 - Trouble, anger, hatred, aggression
  • Level 125 - Request, desire, self-enslavement
  • Level 100 - Fear, anxiety, withdrawal
  • Level 75 - Mourning, failure, sorrow, despair
  • Level 50 - Apathy, hopelessness, self-sacrifice
  • Level 30 - Guilt, Malice, destruction
  • Level 20 - Shame, shame, humiliation, eradication
    (approx. 75 %)

Level 0 - Physical death

Duality - Error - Lack Consciousness


At the time of his research, 75% of people were still predominantly below the 200 threshold and thus in the destructive range. However, this 'integrity threshold' is said to have been exceeded in the 1990s, and more and more people have increased access to the higher constructive and energy-giving states of consciousness.

Level 500: the threshold of love

Gradido is based on gratitude, appreciation and love. These are very high states of consciousness above the 500 level. Thus Gradido has the potential to effectively support the human family in its evolutionary leap and to become the monetary and economic system of the new age. More about this in our next mail. Be curious!

A thousand thanks because you are with us!


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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