Corona Crisis: Time for the "Natural Economy of Life

Economic bionics focus on global common good

Künzelsau, 26 May 2020 - The Corona crisis has fundamentally changed our world within a very short time. Despite aid programs worth billions, the economy is in free fall. The global financial system is in danger of failing, followed by mass insolvencies, record unemployment and abject poverty. Only with a sustainable new monetary system, where the economic, ecological and social incentives point in the same direction, can humanity overcome these challenges. The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed such a system. The new common good currency 'Gradido' has the potential to create prosperity and peace worldwide.

For 20 years now, the Gradido Academy has been developing the common good currency, which is based on the example of nature. In the constant cycle of becoming and passing away, everything in nature is cyclical. This is the only way to achieve constant renewal on our earth. According to this 'cycle of life', the balancing system 'Gradido' also functions, which could give all of humanity not only a stable livelihood, but even a life of prosperity and peaceful coexistence.

Economic pandemic was inevitable
The virus is not the cause, but only the trigger of the global 'economic pandemic', explain the economic biologists Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt: "Just as the stone merely triggers the avalanche and causes it to plunge into the valley because the ground was not stable enough, the corona virus was only able to trigger the current crisis in the global economic and financial system because the current global financial system is extremely unstable," explains Hückstädt. The founders of the Gradido Academy are looking into the question of what the economy can learn from nature. Just as every aircraft engineer has to study the flight of birds, the industrial biologist is investigating which natural processes could be a model for successful economic processes. According to the findings of the Gradido Academy, the declared goal of a social market economy, namely to create prosperity for all, can by no means be achieved with the current financial system. Instead, it is inherent in the system that the assets of some are the debts of others. The fatal consequence: the ruling economic system sets disastrous incentives for the exploitation of man and nature. The inevitable consequences are worldwide poverty, wars and the catastrophic destruction of the environment. The future of humanity and our planet is thus existentially threatened.

The hour of economic bionics
The inventors of the 'Gradido currency' now see the chance to break this unfortunate vicious circle permanently. The worldwide corona lockdown not only creates the need for rethinking, but also a clear recognition of the fragility of the ruling economic system. It also opens up a new sensibility for nature's successful models, which have been proving themselves for four and a half billion years. Consequently, society is looking more and more expectantly to the still young science of economic bionics and its answers to the existential questions of our time.

The Gradido Academy
The name 'Gradido' is composed of the English terms for gratitude, human dignity and donation. It thus unites the three essential values of the new economic culture, which is intended to enable and ensure healthy economic activity for the benefit of all. Gradido's basic ethical principle is based on harmonizing the well-being of the individual with that of the community and the greater whole - in terms of nature and the environment. The 'cycle of life' is nature's basic recipe for success. Nature follows the rule that only where something passes away can new things be created and thus long-term improvement (evolution) is possible. If our economy were to follow this natural cycle, the economic biologists believe that practically all the world's monetary problems could be solved. The current world economic system, however, has the exact opposite effect. It is striving for exponential economic growth, which, by its very nature, must lead to repeated collapses.

The Gradido Currency
The model of the Gradido Academy integrates the cycle of becoming and passing away through regular money creation and planned transience of money. The money is created on the basis of population development. This eliminates the limitless increase of book money and puts the development of the money supply on a natural basis. In the model of the Gradido Academy, the money is distributed according to a three-pillar principle: for every citizen of the world a total of 3,000 'Gradido', the name of the currency, is estimated. One third goes to each citizen as an active basic income, the second third goes to the state for its services to the public, and the third part goes to the compensation and environment fund to enable the clean-up of the economic and ecological burdens of the past. The reason why the money is distributed in exactly this way is based on the ethics of the 'triple good'. The individual is part of the community, the state, and the state is part of the 'big picture', the ecosystem. If one of these three aspects is neglected, the whole system is thrown off balance. Within each year, 50 percent of the money created expires. This planned cycle of creation and decay keeps the money supply stable and the system in balance.. The introduction of the Gradido currency can take place both globally and in individual countries. It can be implemented in stages in parallel with the existing system, so that all elements can be tested without risk and optimised if necessary.

Passion and responsibility
"Now that the International Monetary Fund IMF is forecasting the worst economic crisis in 90 years, new solutions are essential. The time is really ripe for Gradido and we see it as our responsibility to bring this model into the political discussion", Bernd Hückstädt emphasises. Margret Baier adds: "We have found a solution based on the principles of nature, which will secure a future worth living for present and future generations. In this way, we can actually succeed in making one of the greatest dreams of mankind come true and in bringing lasting peace and prosperity to all people on earth in harmony with nature". You can find further information under (

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