WorldEthicForum - Great Cooperation instead of Great Reset

Guest: Linard Bardill

When Wendelin Niederberger suggested to us a few weeks ago that we do a podcast interview with Linard Bardill, we had no idea that we would get along so well and that we would decide to cooperate already during our conversation.

Linard Bardill is one of the most extraordinary and successful personalities of the Swiss cabaret and children's music scene. He is also co-initiator of the WorldEthicForum.

!!! WorldEthicForum postponed to 2022 !!!
The WorldEthicForum will now take place from Thursday afternoon, August 25 to Sunday morning August 28, 2022.

Unlike the World Economic Forum, the focus of the WorldEthicForum is on Mother Earth and our relationship to her.

The Declaration "The Earth's Right to Dignity and Respect" aims to address the philosophical, political, economic and social consequences of a fundamental change. This change is necessary so that we humans see ourselves as part of the earth and not as its rulers.

In this exciting episode, find out how humanity is currently "turning over" into the new era and how more great puzzle pieces are coming together to form the Great Cooperation! Paradise is within each of us, and together we are creating a livable future for all - for the sake of our children and the children of the world.


Linard Bardill


Linard demonstrates the inversion

Transcript ( automatically translated )