Great Cooperation: making peace with trauma healing

Guest: Saskia Hoppe and Julia Toma

Especially now at Christmas, the feast of love, we wish each other "peace on earth and goodwill towards men". We dream of a world in which all are well: ourselves, our children and grandchildren - and all children on our beautiful earth.

In addition to the inhumane debt-money system, whose inevitable demise is drowned out by the noise of the Corona narrative, traumas - that is, unconscious injuries, some of which have been inherited over generations - keep us from inner peace and thus also from outer peace. At any time, trauma can be triggered and we are no longer in control of our behavior. Are we able to escape this dangerous powder keg and consciously create a peaceful world?

Saskia Hoppe is an actress, theatre teacher, expert in non-violent communication and trauma-sensitive coach. Bodywork is particularly important to her. Because traumas cause fear, and when we are afraid, we no longer feel our body.

Julia Toma studied cultural management. Professionally, she organizes forest home holidays and youth camps.

The two mothers had met years ago in the toddler group. In addition to their children, whom they see as their greatest teachers, they share an interest in non-violent communication.

Because of the Corona measures, the two of them, like many other people, could no longer practice their profession. But instead of mourning and complaining, they looked for new courses of action with which they could provide real service to others. So they decided to organize an online congress in which inspiring and courageous people with their role models give impulses to develop and live their own potential. The congress "Call of the heart , live your dream" will take place from 7 to 16 January 2022, during which time all interviews can be viewed free of charge. Who wants to be inspired already now in the quiet time "between the years", can now purchase the congress package for a small amount.

"If we all did what we love to do from the bottom of our hearts, we would have so much power," Julia and Saskia rejoice. The old totalitarian system will no longer work as soon as a critical mass is reached and many people go their own special way self-empowered. Gradido offers the appropriate value system for this. Be part of it! Bring yourself into the constantly growing community and create the new healthy money for a world suitable for grandchildren! Or shall the young people ask you later why you did not contribute to the peaceful transformation? Together we will create a great future - in peace, freedom and worldwide prosperity in harmony with nature!


Transcript (automatically translated)

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