Great Cooperation: the Village Forge - Strengthening Connections - Economic & Social

Guest: Theresa Mai

This is the motto of Dorfschmiede, where the aim is to create living villages that enable a stable, self-sufficient network in which we live and work. To support the networks acting in it and docking consciously, economically and socially, at it the group of the village smithy forge above all with Theresa May, co-founder and managing director of Wohnwagon and the village smithy and Michael Kreuzer, mayor of the municipality Gutenstein, likewise in the executive committee of the village smithy active.

With the "Dorfschmiede" a pilot project is growing, in which Theresa and Michael describe their actions as an experiment and learning field, which is also understood as an inspiration for other projects. Through their tours of the site and workshops, they share their experiences, making it easier for others to follow their path. It is a big idea that they want to make a reality step by step.

Among the many projects they are already implementing in the community of Gutenstein, near Vienna in beautiful Lower Austria, we also find a lot of content from Gradido. Joachim Brandstätter has invited Theresa and Bernd to an interview, where they will talk about the topic "community" and "the triple good" and want to create further points of contact to be able to take the next steps with a "thank currency" as a pilot project.

Be curious what Theresa, Bernd and Joachim have to tell!

Further information about the village forge:

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Telegram channel Gradido potential development

Transcript (automatically translated)

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