Find friends and create new reality

"When one dreams alone, it is only a dream. When many dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality."

- Hélder Câmara
Liberation theologian and fighter for human rights 

Dear Reader,

Do you also sometimes long for like-minded or similar-minded people to exchange ideas with, to get through the crazy times safely, to dream the dream of a better world and to create a new reality together?

The dying system tries to defend itself twice: on the one hand, it splits for all it's worth and fights everyone who doesn't conform to 100%; on the other hand, it constantly produces horror images to keep us in fear. And fear is known to be the worst advisor. Can we succeed in finding each other and together focus on the positive, especially now, when it matters so much?

Recognize great people

We too often felt alone, especially here in the local area. The more we got the courage to talk about Gradido, the more we met great people, like you. And meanwhile we get more and more encouraging feedback that Gradido is the best sustainable people and nature friendly money and economic system in the world. Everyone who is already part of it can count themselves among the true heroes of the future. That feels good.

How do we recognize like-minded or similar-minded people in our environment? There is now an ingenious tool for this: the Gradido link, which you can generate in your Gradido account to send someone Gradidos, regardless of whether they have a Gradido photo or not. We ourselves would not have believed how well this little redemption link is suited to invite positive fellow human beings into our network.

The magic word is gratitude

To make friends with the Gradido link, think about what you could be sincerely grateful to a person for. Sometimes it doesn't seem so obvious. Then we have to do some searching to find out and maybe jump over our shadows a little. When you have found out what you are grateful for, try to feel this beautiful feeling clearly. Imagine that you are writing your thanks to him now. How does it feel? What will he or she think? Will he make fun of it? Will he ignore it? Will he think, "what does someone want from me?" - Or will he be happy, feel seen and appreciated? Finally receiving recognition for being and doing!

How does it make you feel? Change the text until everything feels good to you or until you don't care how the other person will actually react. If you are sensitive, this may take a few minutes.

When you are ready to unconditionally like your fellow man, even if he should reject or ignore your thanks, you generate the link and send it.

A big step towards self-confidence

Depending on how well you could deal with rejection before, you have just made a huge step in your personality development. If you thank another person every day with Gradido, you won't want to miss this habit. Your network of friends is constantly growing. You are no longer afraid of rejection and can gently assert yourself. You master the power of gratitude as a great manifestation tool. And all this with a little new habit and no risk at all.

The new reality begins

Send a Gradido link to a loved one right now and tell him or her "thank you"! Make it a habit to ask yourself at every opportunity what you can be grateful for right now and thank others. With this new habit, your life and the lives of those around you will noticeably change for the better. Otherwise, there is a danger that the system will pull you down further and further in its death throes.

Thanking others every day with Gradido means making more and more friends. We strengthen each other, form alternative 'Gradido islands' and make ourselves more and more independent from the old system. Thousands of such Gradido islands sprout from the ground and interconnect. Together we are creating the new earth: a paradise for the whole human family, where everyone - big and small - lives with joy.

A thousand thanks because you are with us!


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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