Gradido link - experience and text suggestions

"Thankful people are like fertile fields.
They give back tenfold what they have received."
- August von Kotzebue

Dear Reader,

have you already tried the new Gradido link and sent other people Gradidos via the link? And did it work as well as it did for us, or were there technical problems? The purpose of this redemption link is to simply send Gradidos to everyone and thus easily spread the new monetary system based on gratitude and appreciation, so that the human family can soon enjoy worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature.

But who do we send Gradidos to and what do we write about it? How do we deal with our inhibitions? What do we do if the recipient reacts unkindly or not at all? On the one hand, we don't want to get on anyone's nerves, on the other hand, it's totally important that Gradido comes into the world.

Good for all involved

We here at Gradido Academy were also faced with this dilemma at first. So for now, we just sent Gradidos via link to some people we knew well and were pretty sure would be happy to receive them. In doing so, we asked ourselves what we were really grateful to them for and tried to express that. Then we paid attention to the reactions and empathized with the others. Who is reacting how, and what are possible motivations? How can we respond in a way that is good for everyone involved? To make it as easy as possible for you, we have written down our experiences, systematized them and developed text suggestions for the different cases. Feel free to adapt them according to your wishes and ideas.

The link text

By 'link text' we mean the text that you enter in the Gradido account when creating the link and that will later appear in the transaction list. It should say who the link is for and what you thank them for, for example:

For ..., thank you for making ...! I was very happy to hear that 🙂

The accompanying text

So that the recipient knows what it's all about when you send them a link via email or Telegram & Co, add a few explanatory words:

Dear ..., thank you very much for making ...! It was a great pleasure for me. As a thank you, I would like to send you Gradidos. To redeem them, please click on the link:

Possible reactions and response texts

Some recipients will redeem the link right away. This is the ideal case, so to speak. You offer to stay in touch and support them in dealing with Gradido (case 6). In our case, however, that was only about 20%. We have divided the other reactions into another 5 cases. We make text suggestions on how you can best respond.

Case 1: No reaction

Most of the time, nothing happens at first. This is not bad will. On the contrary, your recipient has a lot to do and your Gradido link is forgotten.

You just write a little reminder. The following text has worked well for us:

Dear..., did you notice the link that I want to send you Gradidos with? If you want to redeem it, just click on it to credit it to your Gradido account. If you don't have a Gradido account yet, you can register one quickly. Gradido is free of charge. If you have any questions about Gradido, please contact me. Your link is valid until ...

Case 2: Your recipient thanks you but does not redeem the link.

This can have many reasons. He may not realize that he has to redeem the link within a short period of time. Maybe he wants to inform himself first before he registers. Or he already has a Gradido account, but doesn't know the access data right now. Or he still wants to make a sponsorship contribution and then "really" join.

You thank them for the feedback and remind them of the deadline:

Dear..., thank you very much for your nice feedback! I am very pleased. Please do not forget to redeem the link in time. It is still valid until ...

Case 3: Your recipient asks what it is.

Many people do not know Gradido yet and would like to know what it is about first.

You explain, for example:

Dear..., thank you for asking! Gradidos are points of gratitude. With Gradido we want to bring more gratitude and appreciation into the world by showing other people what we like about them and what we are grateful for. It would be nice if gratitude became the currency of the future. Then everyone in the world will be better off, and the earth will be a more beautiful and peaceful place to live.

Case4: Your counterpart asks what he or she can do with the Gradidos.

Many people ask themselves about the benefits, "What's in it for me?" This is also quite normal.

You answer:

Dear..., thank you for asking! For one thing, you can express your gratitude and appreciation to other people, just as you might give flowers on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day to show your gratitude. Except that with Gradido you can thank anyone at any time and Gradido costs nothing. On the other hand, we also form communities where people help each other and thank each other with Gradidos. There are also already marketplaces and stores where things are offered with Gradido discounts. In this way, we are creating a new way of doing business with each other, based on love, appreciation and gratitude. Would you like such a world?

Case 5: Your recipient makes a derogatory comment or rejects you.

Not everyone is open to Gradido right now. Often we also reject something new and unfamiliar at first. Then, when we hear about it more often, it becomes more familiar to us and doesn't sound so outlandish anymore. And finally, we may even find it good.

You show understanding and give time:

Dear ..., I understand that well. Fortunately, we people are different. I, for example, have a lot of joy in giving and thanking. Maybe it will fit better for you later on.

Case 6: The link was redeemed - Offer your help

Great, you have a new friend in your Gradido network! Now it is important to keep in touch and offer help in dealing with Gradido. Since you are now also connected to him or her via the Gradido account, it is a good idea to use the reply function: just click on his or her name and send him or her a few more Gradidos. Often the recipient is very grateful for your help.

Use the reply function in the Gradido account to thank with more Gradidos:

Dear..., thank you for accepting my Gradidos! Now we are also connected through the Gradido account. If you have any questions or want support in dealing with Gradido, get in touch, I'll be happy to help 🙂

Proven texts: fast and secure

We have tried out and refined the texts over the past few weeks. We have had the best experience with them and now use them as templates, which we usually still adapt a bit. This works great and saves time, so we can send one or more Gradido links every day and also follow up. We now get about 60% of the links redeemed this way. It's really fun, and we get to connect with great new people.

Give yourself and others the pleasure

We invite you to also use the Gradido link together with the text templates to expand your friendship network, spread the word about Gradido and share Gradidos with your friends. Enjoy the good feeling of gratitude and send your thanks to one person every day! It really is that simple, it's free and it brings joy to everyone involved. Every day that you don't do it is lost in this regard.

Together we are shaping a new quality of life for all: Just as stones we throw into water form circular waves, we create 'gratitude waves' that overlap, amplify and raise the energy on Earth. Together, we make gratitude the new currency for global prosperity and peace in harmony with nature - for the sake of ourselves and the children of the world.

A thousand thanks because you are with us and love greetings


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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