World population: There are many of us. That is good.

"The world population will be about 8 billion people in 2022. That is enough people for the 'human system' to jump to the next level.
That's sensational. This is groundbreaking."

- Karl Gamper
Author of "Together we are brilliant

Dear Reader,

as a responsible, informed and compassionate human being, you know that we can provide three or more times the world's population with biologically valuable food and at the same time support our earth in its healing process. If we live and manage in harmony with nature, we can create paradise on earth as a human family.

On the other hand, there are powerful economic and geopolitical interests that try to make us believe that we have overpopulation and that we supposedly have to reduce the world's population. Their power is based on the old ailing monetary and economic system. Can we humans manage to create a peaceful world for the sake of ourselves, our children and all the children of the world?

Natural science provides answers

In the Gradido Academy we have been researching the ingenious laws of success of nature for decades. Together with you dear fellow human beings we form the international research project Gradido - a growing movement. Our common goal is to make prosperity and peace possible for all people worldwide. Again and again new scientific discoveries fly to us, which bring this goal in attainable proximity.

8 billion people are the solution

Such an insight was brought to our attention by the well-known copywriter, coach and book author Karl Gamper, who refers to the research of the Russian chemist and Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogine. These say nothing less than that a system needs a certain amount of individual parts to jump to the next higher level of organization. Candle flames, cloud structures, tornadoes, ant states... all these are examples of how new structures of order are formed when a certain quantity is reached. The change comes from the quantity of the individual parts.

For the human family, it is about 8 billion. In other words, population growth is not the problem, but the solution. So let us not be unsettled by the chaotic events that accompany this change!

Changing values to peace and love

How does the change make itself felt? At the level of the mind, it is the realization that the major problems of our time can only be solved together. If we want to solve the environmental problems, we can only do it together. We can also only solve poverty and hunger together. And peace can only be achieved together anyway. The future will be peaceful, or it won't happen.

On the heart level, it is the turning to love. More and more people are realizing that we are all part of the whole - a human family, integrated into the nature that surrounds us.

A thousand thanks because you are with us 

We now know that the 8 billion people are the solution, not the problem. Yes, we can be grateful to each and every human being because he or she is contributing so that humankind can move to the next higher level of evolution.

Instead of wanting to reduce the world population, as it would correspond to the dogma of scarcity of the old economics, we at Gradido thank every human being for his existence. With the Active Basic Income of monthly 1000 Gradido = 'Thousand Thanks' we say to you and every other earth citizen "Thousand Thanks, because you are with us!"

Gratitude and appreciation help us to develop our full potential. They bring us into love, inner peace, caring and compassion.

The new currency is gratitude

By bringing Gradido into the world, we are actively working for peace. In the meantime, this is quite simple:

  1. You register your free Gradido account and the members area, if you don't have that yet.
  2. In the member area/module 'Unconditional Participation and Active Basic Income' you write in the corresponding month in a comment what you have done in the past month for the common good and you will get your Gradido Basic Income credited for it.
  3. Now you have Gradidos on your account and you can send Gradidos to anyone in the world via link or QR code to show him or her your gratitude and appreciation.

It only works together

In these bumpy times of change, it is important that we support each other. Therefore, keep in touch with the people who have accepted your Gradidos. They probably think similarly to you. Together, you will build a network of like-minded people who can share more and more with Gradido and give each other safety and security in other ways. Also feel free to use our Telegram groups to exchange and/or makes its own group.

Thank you for being part of the Gradido movement! Together we contribute to peace and prosperity for the whole human family in harmony with nature. We must not hold back this precious knowledge. Together with 8 billion people, the human family is ripe to leap to the next stage of evolution and create a paradise where we live together in joy from the heart.

From the heart


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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