Pattern Breakers - Turning Utopias into Reality

Guest: Prof. Hans Wüthrich

For millions of people, worries about their jobs are a source of barely controllable anxiety. In addition to economic existence, one's position in society also depends to a large extent on professional success. The crisis could open up the historic opportunity to embark on a life of creative joy, meaning and security.

Prof. Hans Wüthrich is a management researcher, book author and emeritus professor at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich as well as a private lecturer at the University of St.Gallen. He coaches and advises executives and management committees and is regarded among management researchers as a distinguished lateral thinker and pattern breaker.

His credo:
"People want to change the world for the better, take care of the environment and its natural resources, and do meaningful things."

The new economic system of the Gradido Academy should make the lives of all people more worthwhile and meaningful. Keyword: Unconditional participation!


Transcript ( automatically translated )

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