Gradido interview in 'WALNUSSblatt

"The more I was willing to mentally and emotionally detach myself from the fiat money system that dominates us, the more exciting and coherent Gradido became."

- Pedro force
Publisher of the WALNUSSblatt

Dear Reader,

'Heroes of Transformation' is what we call all the people who are now using their very special gifts to spread Gradido, because they carry within them the dream of a better world, where all people have a dignified life, in prosperity, peace and harmony with nature.

The fact that this is opposed by the 'fiat money system', which is hostile to life, is sufficiently well known. The only question is whether we as a human family will manage in time to create a good future for ourselves in which we all enjoy living.

It is all the more gratifying when journalists see with their hearts and write about Gradido - the currency based on gratitude and appreciation that follows the laws of nature that have been successful for billions of years. Such a journalist with spirit, heart and mind is Pedro Kraft, who has created his 'WALNUSSblatt' as a communication platform to connect independent thinking people and to accompany the transformation processes.

The current issue deals with the great topic: "The way to peace: love". With the title "Gradido - the new currency is called gratitude" Pedro brings here a worth reading interview with Bernd about the new orientation and the current state of Gradido as an elementary peace tool.

To the interview (PDF download)

Don't miss this interesting read. The path ahead is becoming clearer and clearer. Together we flood the web with waves of gratitude until finally gratitude and appreciation become the new world currency and we as a human family create the new - peaceful - earth together.

With love and gratitude


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer