Nature and environmental protection with a successful system

Gradido model follows 'cycle of life

Künzelsau,16.11. 2021 - Hopeful and concerned at the same time, people are waiting for the implementation of urgently needed nature conservation and environmental protection measures, not only in this country. Responsibility for the use of natural resources is coupled with the dream of a healthy world for our children and future generations. The anxious question remains as to who will have to bear the costs of such a turnaround. Could the price explosion in heating, petrol and electricity costs continue and, together with the high costs of a healthy diet and fairly produced consumer goods, lead to even more people being completely cut off financially? Will only those big earners joyfully welcome seriously implemented environmental protection measures who can effortlessly afford energy-saving houses, environmentally friendly cars, organically grown food, fairly produced clothing, but also bus and train tickets at any price? Neither the politicians in office nor those who will govern in the future seem to have a socially acceptable solution to the problem in mind. The existing monetary and economic system could be transformed in such a way that the costs of nature conservation and environmental protection would be covered without making people pay even more. The economic bionics of the Gradido Academy have developed a financial system in which the indispensable investments for the protection and rehabilitation of the earth are borne by a compensation and environmental fund (AUF). The money necessary for this is created without incurring debts.

Success models of nature instead of debt money principle

Based on nature's recipes for success, which have been tried and tested for billions of years, the economic bionics experts have developed the Gradido model as a concept for a new type of economic and financial system. It is oriented to the 'becoming and passing away', which decisively shapes the perpetual healthy cycle in nature. In fact, this means: The common good currency Gradido (GDD) - as a means of payment of the future - is created for every citizen on a credit basis and dwindles with time. This transforms the current debt-money principle into a plussum principle in which everyone wins. According to decades of analysis by economic bionics, a financial system must inevitably fail if its basis is that the credit of some must systemically be the debt of others. This 'zero-sum principle' enforces a destructive antagonism between people, while the 'plus-sum principle' leads to peacemaking solidarity between all social classes and generations.

The 'Triple Good' for a life worth living

The common good currency Gradido (GDD) is created by and for each individual citizen of the earth. Knowing that a life in the future will only be possible if not only each individual person, but also the earth is well and sufficiently provided for, the money creation is oriented to the so-called 'Triple Good': Thus, 1000 Gradido are created for the livelihood and are available to each person regardless of age and profession as 'Active Basic Income'. 1000 Gradido are created for the state budget to ensure the necessary infrastructure and sufficient health care. The last, but extremely significant third of 1000 Gradido goes directly into the Compensation and Environmental Fund (AUF) to heal existing injuries to the earth and to avert further damage to our planet. The planned transience makes Gradido a self-regulating system that keeps the amount of money and thus the prices constant.

Nature Conservation for All

"Nature's ingenious recipes for success, which we have integrated into the Gradido model, ensure that sensible environmental protection concepts can be financed without any problems and without burdening the citizens. The measures, which are financed from the environmental fund, enable all people worldwide to have access to clean water and healthy GMO-free food and clothing. Everyone, regardless of income, will benefit from protecting and preserving our natural resources," explains Bernd Hückstädt, co-founder of the Gradido Academy and a passionate economic biologist. "Because in a handful of healthy humus, more living beings live together in symbiosis than there are people in the world. With this knowledge and the resulting know-how, probably three times the number of people can be supplied with high-quality organic food."

Sustainable consumption must not be a luxury

In a recent study on the causes of environmentally friendly or environmentally harmful consumer behaviour, the German Federal Environment Agency also argues that a moral obligation to live a sustainable lifestyle can only be demanded of those consumers who can afford it. A high income and great prosperity, for example, offer significantly better opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle when it comes to measures that require high investment costs - such as the installation of a photovoltaic system, the optimization of the heating system, the insulation of the house or the choice of the best efficiency class for the purchase of new electrical appliances. "The Gradido model ensures that each of us can afford to live in a nature and environmentally conscious way. By doing so, we can give our earth the care it needs so that we all have a bright future on this planet," encourages us Gradido Academy owner Margret Baier. The Gradido model, developed at her independent research institute over more than 20 years, is based on this hopeful vision.

Great Cooperation for the Preservation of the Earth

In order to discuss with as many people as possible how successful nature and environmental protection can be achieved with the help of the common good currency Gradido and the new economic and financial system that goes with it, the Academy invites you to a 'Great Cooperation of life-affirming people and forces'. Cooperation, symbiosis, is the prevailing principle of living nature. And together, as a human family, we can succeed in the peaceful transformation of the collapsing financial and economic system into a life and environmentally friendly alternative.

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About the Gradido Academy
The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed an alternative 'common good currency' based on the models of nature. Nature follows the rule that only where something passes away can something new emerge, and thus long-term improvement (evolution) is possible. Its recipe for success is the 'cycle of life'. If our economy were also to follow this natural cycle, then, according to the assessment of the bionic economists, practically all the world's monetary problems could be solved. The Gradido model is based on the idea that not only every person, but also every state receives income generated on a credit basis. It can thus fulfil all its tasks without having to collect taxes. Deflation or inflation are a thing of the past. The economy is freed from the constant compulsion to grow, the danger of a collapse of the financial system is finally averted.(

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