Gradido 2.0 - Decentralized Gradido Server

Gradido becomes decentralized! With Gradido 2.0, we can now fulfill the wish of many participants to organize their community autonomously. This brings us a big step closer to the dream of a human, decentralized compensation system.

Favorite city 14 - Despite shortage of teachers: students become geniuses

There is a shortage of teachers in Germany. According to the PISA study, a quarter of students cannot read, write or do math properly. This is also noticeable in Lieblingsstadt. For Michael Miteinand, the town's committed mayor, this is an intolerable state of affairs. The Lieblingsstädter find the solution.

Favorite city 10 - The city becomes safe again

Encouraged by the success of the 'Great Cooperation of Clubs', Mayor Michael Miteinand suggests a 'Great Cooperation for Security'. Police, security companies, sports clubs, fitness studios, motorcycle clubs and interested citizens come together.

Common good - what is it?

Common good contributions are anything that common sense would call volunteerism, volunteerism, etc. - as opposed to individual contributions from one person to another.

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