Basic income instead of family bonus

Gradido model promises security with a future

Künzelsau, 17 June 2020 - The Corona crisis is also placing serious financial burdens on many families. The one-off 'family bonus' of 300 euros per child can hardly alleviate their plight. Instead, a decisive change of course and creative family policies are the order of the day. The 'Active Basic Income' of the evolutionary Gradido financial system has the potential to secure the existence of parents and children. Today and in the future. 

The Active Basic Income (AGE) originates from the idea of 'unconditional participation'. Whoever wants to take advantage of it, brings his talents and inclinations into the community. A maximum of 50 hours per month are estimated for these activities. The hourly wage is 20 'Gradido' (GDD), the monthly basic income is 1000 GDD. The basic provision of every person would thus be secured from now on.

The challenges of the 21st century can only be mastered with a sustainable new economic and financial system. The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed such a system over the past 20 years. The 'Gradido' compensation system works on the model of nature and can bring us and future generations lasting prosperity and peaceful coexistence.

Further information on the 'Active Basic Income' according to the Gradido model can be found at

About the Gradido Academy

The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed an alternative 'common good currency' based on the models of nature. Nature follows the rule that only where something passes away can something new emerge, and thus long-term improvement (evolution) is possible. Its recipe for success is the 'cycle of life'. If our economy were also to follow this natural cycle, then, according to the assessment of the bionic economists, practically all the world's monetary problems could be solved. The Gradido model is based on the idea that not only every person, but also every state receives income generated on a credit basis. It can thus fulfil all its tasks without having to collect taxes. Deflation or inflation are a thing of the past. The economy is freed from the constant compulsion to grow, the danger of a collapse of the financial system is finally averted.(

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