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Health care system from the state budget

Künzelsau,14.10.2021 - Confidence and contentment are as elementary for a good life as healthy nutrition and sufficient medical care. However, as long as the rich keep getting richer and the people whose income is barely enough to live on keep growing, the idea of a fulfilled existence gradually degenerates into utopia. Instead, phenomena such as food poverty, permanent overwork and loneliness become health risks in the midst of our affluent society. According to the economic bionics of the Gradido Academy, there is no realistic chance for far too many people to survive the prevailing economic and financial system unscathed. They consider an abolition of the debt-money principle to be just as essential as the introduction of an 'Active Basic Income' and have created an alternative with the Gradido model that could enable all people to live in health and the security of a good community.

Food poverty as a health risk

According to a recent analysis by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, even in a rich country like Germany, not everyone can eat healthily. Rather, according to the latest socio-epidemiological research, income, education and work are inevitably linked to nutrition and health status. In March 2020, 6.48 million people in Germany were living on unemployment benefits or Hartz IV benefits, including around 1.87 million children. However, a food budget of about 150 euros a month, around five euros a day, is barely enough to pay for high-quality healthy food. And that has consequences. At the opening of the "Poverty and Health" congress, Prof. Martin Dietrich from the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) made it clear as early as 2019 why this connection still requires special attention: in the case of poverty, not only the financial part, but also the experienced lack as well as the reduced social participation must be taken into account. The Robert Koch Institute already calculated in 2019 that life expectancy between the lowest and highest income groups shows differences of a remarkable 4.4 years for women and 8.6 years for men, thus proving the sickening tendencies of a life in poverty.

Burdensome fear of social exclusion

At the same time, the number of people threatening to slide into poverty is growing. In many families, the money is barely enough to live on, despite full-time jobs. They can barely pay rent, energy costs and food - nothing is left over for purchases or even retirement provisions. The fear of losing their job, of not being able to renew a fixed-term contract or of the next rent increase inevitably becomes a constant threat to their entire existence. This situation makes the pressure to perform and existential anxiety so overwhelming for many people that they permanently fight against mental and physical overload and thus risk their health.

Healthy money creates a healthy world

The economic bionics of the Gradido Academy oppose this threatening development with their economic and financial model of the same name, which can be equally implemented regionally, nationally and also internationally. With the introduction of the common good currency Gradido (GDD), an active basic income and the turning away from the debt money principle they want to put the solid foundation-stone for the fact that in the future all humans can lead a healthy life with secured subsistence and find their place in the center of the community.

The triple well-being - a healthy basis for generations to come

Based on those models of success that have proven themselves in nature for billions of years, the economic pioneers at the 'Gradido Academy' were able to develop the concept of the common good, whose basic ethical principle is oriented towards the 'Triple Good'. In concrete terms, 3000 Gradido (GDD), the value of which is roughly equivalent to the Euro, are created for each person each month, without incurring any debt. One third is set aside as an active basic income, one third is used to finance the national budget and the health system, and one third is used for the preservation and recovery of nature. Taxes are accordingly obsolete in the Gradido model, and the fatal accumulation of ever new mountains of debt for future generations is history.

Active basic income for fair health care

1000 Gradido are available per capita as a monthly basic income to ensure people of all ages a sufficient living. For a family of four, for example, this would be 4000 GDD in addition to their other income. As a result, healthy food would no longer be an unattainable luxury for anyone, and running costs would always be secured, regardless of the individual's employment situation. "This fulfils the first three UN Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. firstly 'no poverty', secondly 'no hunger' and thirdly 'health and well-being', and thus contributes to peace and justice, which are called for in Goal 16," explains Bernd Hückstädt, co-founder of the independent research institute for economic bionics. And he points to another important achievement: "In the Gradido model, the national budget also includes health care. Free access to health care is thus guaranteed for all people. The decision as to which form of health care they choose is completely up to them, regardless of their income."

Quality of life also requires social participation

In their endeavour to grant all people the chance of a healthy and fulfilled life, however, the economic bionics experts have not only optimised the supply situation. Rather, with the introduction of an 'Active Basic Income', they have also succeeded in promoting 'Unconditional Social Participation'. Those who wish to receive the monthly basic income are - at any age - invited to contribute to the community for a maximum of 50 hours/month with activities and tasks that they are particularly good at or would like to take on, in order to explore new talents. Margret Baier, the owner of the Gradido academy explains the special value of this principle: "Thus we succeed in getting straight also lonely humans, whose quality of life and state of health are so often loaded by tormenting inferiority feelings, again into our center and to arrange for them the good feeling that we like and need them. In our community, everyone is valuable and welcome, which will ultimately ensure that we can make the best use of the diverse potential that exists - for the benefit of all." Moreover, 'Unconditional Participation' offers, in addition to securing basic provision, the chance to try out a wide variety of areas - an optimal basis for personal development, which should no longer play any role at all in the lives of so many people at present.

Treading the new path together

To begin the peaceful transformation of the flawed current economic and financial system into the Gradido model, the Economic Bionics invite people of all ages to join them in a 'Great Cooperation' for a better world.

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About the Gradido Academy
The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed an alternative 'common good currency' based on the models of nature. Nature follows the rule that only where something passes away can something new emerge, and thus long-term improvement (evolution) is possible. Its recipe for success is the 'cycle of life'. If our economy were also to follow this natural cycle, then, according to the assessment of the bionic economists, practically all the world's monetary problems could be solved. The Gradido model is based on the idea that not only every person, but also every state receives income generated on a credit basis. It can thus fulfil all its tasks without having to collect taxes. Deflation or inflation are a thing of the past. The economy is freed from the constant compulsion to grow, the danger of a collapse of the financial system is finally averted.(